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 Bottled Emotions

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PostSubject: Bottled Emotions   Wed Jan 27, 2010 6:12 pm

Bottled Emotions

Date Written: August 31, 2006
Written by: eStuPiDaNg bAbaE

We sit face to face
Talking about life…
The essence of our existence,
Our past hurts…
Failed relationships…
Things we didn’t do,
And those we have done…

We look at each other,
Both beaming…
Yet fear shows melancholy in our eyes…
We can’t hide it.
It lurks within our midst.
For a lot, we longed to say…
For something, we wish we could do.

I can’t read your mind,
Nor can you read mine…
Silence dwells.
We’re both absorbed by our own thoughts.
Veiled lexis…
We battle with our own self,
Duel with our own free will.
Should we?
Could we?
Would we?

We are afraid to answer.
Burnt, we both were.
Healed yet the markings remain.
It’s causing bouts of indecision.
We don’t want to touch reality.
We decided to remain on a safe mode.
Convincing ourselves,
What we have is enough.
We don’t want to ask for more,
And risk losing more.

We remain adamant.
Shelving bottled emotions.
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Bottled Emotions
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